Kashmir In October – The Arrival of Autumn Season

In October, the picturesque region of Kashmir undergoes a breathtaking transformation as the autumn season unfurls its vibrant hues across the landscape. The iconic Chinar trees, with their leaves painted in shades of red and gold, create a mesmerizing tapestry against the backdrop of the majestic Himalayan mountains. The Dal Lake, adorned with houseboats and shikaras, reflects the changing colors of the foliage, providing a serene and tranquil ambiance. Against this backdrop, the iconic Mughal gardens, such as Shalimar Bagh and Nishat Bagh, stand as testament to the region’s regal history, their terraced designs enhanced by the autumnal palette.

Kashmir in october marks the onset of the harvest season, and the air carries a subtle fragrance of ripe apples and saffron fields. This moderate and comfortable weather, coupled with the stunning natural beauty, makes October an ideal time to visit Kashmir, allowing travelers to witness the region’s charm in the midst of its autumnal splendor. The iconic chinar trees start to shed their leaves, painting the landscape in vivid shades of red, gold, and orange. October, with its pleasant weather and stunning natural beauty, is an ideal time to visit this enchanting region. This article aims to provide an objective and impersonal overview of the various attractions and activities that can be enjoyed in Kashmir during the month of October.

Kashmir Weather & Temperature in October

In October, the weather in Kashmir tends to be cool with temperatures ranging from pleasant to comfortable, providing a delightful atmosphere for tourists. In October, Kashmir experiences a delightful transition into autumn, characterized by pleasant weather and a breathtaking display of fall colors. The summer heat gives way to cooler temperatures, creating a crisp and refreshing ambiance throughout the region. Daytime temperatures typically range from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius (50 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit), offering a perfect balance for outdoor activities and exploration. The nights, however, can be cooler, requiring a light jacket or sweater.

Best Places to Visit Kashmir in October 

In October, Kashmir boasts a breathtaking landscape adorned with vibrant autumn colors. Here are some of the best places to visit in Kashmir during this enchanting month:

1. Gulmarg

gulmarg kashmir in october

In October, Gulmarg unfolds its unparalleled beauty as a picturesque haven nestled in the heart of the Kashmir Valley. Known for its lush meadows and panoramic landscapes, Gulmarg undergoes a mesmerizing transformation during this autumnal month. The meadows, adorned with vibrant hues of red and gold, present a breathtaking canvas against the backdrop of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks. As the temperature begins to drop, Gulmarg offers the tantalizing possibility of early snowfall, transforming the region into a winter wonderland. The Gulmarg Gondola, a cable car ride, is one of the main attractions here, providing visitors with a panoramic view of the snow-covered peaks. The cable car takes tourists to Kongdoori Mountain, where they can indulge in skiing and other winter sports activities.

This makes October a unique time to visit for those seeking a blend of autumnal charm and the anticipation of the upcoming snow season. The Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve, with its diverse flora and fauna, adds to the allure of the destination. Adventurous spirits can indulge in various activities, from trekking and golfing to the thrill of winter sports if the first snowflakes start to dust the meadows. With its captivating beauty and the promise of the approaching winter magic, Gulmarg in October stands as an irresistible destination for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

2. Srinagar

best time to visit kashmir

Srinagar is a captivating blend of natural beauty and cultural vibrancy. As the summer heat gives way to a cooler and crisper ambiance, transforming the city into a canvas painted with warm hues of red, gold, and orange. The heart of this enchanting season lies in the iconic Dal Lake, where shikaras glide gracefully over the mirrored waters, carrying the reflections of the chinar trees along the shoreline. Nishat Bagh and Shalimar Bagh, the Mughal gardens on the banks of the lake, offer a symphony of colors with their terraced landscapes and vibrant blooms.

The air carries the subtle fragrance of the changing season, accentuated by the aroma of traditional Kashmiri cuisine wafting from local markets. Srinagar’s streets and alleyways come alive with the bustling energy of locals preparing for festivals and cultural events, adding an extra layer of vibrancy to this autumnal paradise. The city, with its harmonious blend of natural beauty and cultural richness, invites visitors to immerse themselves in the serenity and charm that autumn bestows upon the crown jewel of Kashmir.

3. Pahalgam

autumn in kashmir

October in Pahalgam paints a picturesque tableau as this charming town in the heart of Kashmir embraces the enchanting season of autumn. Nestled along the banks of the Lidder River, Pahalgam transforms into a captivating landscape adorned with golden meadows and the russet hues of chinar trees. The crisp air carries the promise of winter, while the river’s gentle flow adds a soothing melody to the surroundings. The renowned Betaab Valley, named after the Bollywood film shot there, unveils its lush greenery against the backdrop of majestic mountains. Pahalgam is a popular destination for hiking and sightseeing. Tourists can visit the famous Aru Valley, known for its lush meadows and pristine lakes. The valley is also a starting point for various treks, including the trek to Kolahoi Glacier. Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in activities like river rafting and horse riding, adding an adrenaline rush to their visit.

Pahalgam becomes a serene escape, inviting visitors to meander through its tranquil streets and along the riverside, offering moments of peace and reflection. As the daylight wanes, the cool evenings provide the perfect ambiance for cozying up with a warm cup of Kashmiri Kahwa, a local spiced tea, and relishing the tranquility that defines Pahalgam in October. This month offers a delightful interlude before the winter snows, allowing travelers to revel in the natural beauty and tranquil charm that make Pahalgam a timeless jewel in the crown of Kashmir.

4. Sonamarg

best time to visit kashmir

October in Sonamarg, a mesmerizing valley ensconced in the pristine beauty of Kashmir, brings forth a captivating transformation as autumn weaves its magic across the landscape. This high-altitude paradise, which translates to “Meadow of Gold,” becomes a symphony of warm and earthy tones as the season paints the meadows and hillsides with vibrant shades of red, orange, and gold. The Sindh River meanders through the valley, reflecting the changing colors of the surrounding foliage. October in Sonamarg offers a unique blend of crisp air and gentle sunshine, creating an ideal climate for exploring the meadows and undertaking scenic treks. . Trekking in Sonmarg allows visitors to explore the untouched beauty of the region, passing through meadows, streams, and alpine forests.

The Thajiwas Glacier, surrounded by alpine meadows and snow-capped peaks, presents a breathtaking spectacle. As the days transition into cool evenings, the clear skies of Sonamarg reveal a star-studded panorama, adding to the enchantment of this tranquil haven. October in Sonamarg is a time to immerse oneself in nature’s grandeur, relishing the serenity and awe-inspiring landscapes that make this valley a jewel in the crown of Kashmir.

5. Pampore Saffron Harvest


The town of Pampore in Kashmir, renowned as the “Saffron Town,” witnesses a vibrant spectacle during the saffron harvest in October. As autumn blankets the region in warm hues, the vast saffron fields come alive with the brilliant purplish-blue flowers of Crocus sativus. The delicate blossoms emerge from the rich, well-drained soil, signaling the onset of the harvest season. The meticulous process of saffron cultivation and harvesting unfolds as skilled farmers carefully pluck the vibrant crimson stigmas, known as saffron threads, from each flower.

This labor-intensive task requires precision and patience, as the saffron crocus yields only a few grams of these precious threads. The air in Pampore carries the heady aroma of saffron, adding to the sensory experience of the harvest. The fields become a visual tapestry, with farmers diligently working amidst the lush purple carpet. Pampore’s saffron harvest is not just an agricultural event; it is a cultural celebration and a testament to the region’s rich heritage of producing some of the world’s most prized saffron, sought after for its unique flavor, fragrance, and vibrant color.

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Things to do in Kashmir in October

During this time of the year, visitors to the region can engage in a variety of activities that showcase the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the area.

1. Shiakara Ride

shikara ride in srinagar price

Embarking on a shikara ride in October on the iconic Dal Lake in Kashmir is a truly enchanting experience. As autumn unfolds, the chinar trees lining the shores of the lake transform into a symphony of warm hues, casting reflections on the tranquil waters. The shikara ride provides an intimate and immersive view of Srinagar’s timeless beauty, with the snow-capped Himalayan peaks in the distance adding to the scenic panorama. Floating markets, houseboats adorned with intricate woodwork, and locals going about their daily lives on the water contribute to the cultural richness of the journey.

2. Camping

best places for camping in kashmir

Camping in October holds a special allure, particularly in regions where the autumn season unveils its breathtaking beauty. Whether in mountainous landscapes or beside serene lakes, camping in kashmir offers a unique blend of cool temperatures, crisp air, and the vibrant colors of fall. In places like Kashmir or other picturesque destinations, the experience is truly magical. The days are marked by pleasant weather, making outdoor activities enjoyable, while the evenings bring a refreshing chill, perfect for cozying up around a campfire. Many travellers take part in camping, during their walk across the Kashmir valley. Gulmarg, Sonamarg, Pahalgam, Aru Valley, Mansbal Lake, and Chandanwari are ideal and suitable camping spots and they keep you close to nature as well.

3. Horse Riding

horse riding in srinagar

Horse riding in October holds a special charm as the autumn season unfolds, and the weather becomes crisp and inviting. Riding through landscapes adorned with the warm hues of fall foliage adds a scenic dimension to the equestrian experience. Places like Srinagar, Pahalgam, Yusmarg, and Kokernag provide a unique opportunity to explore the beautiful valley by horseback. There are no season restrictions when it comes to horseback riding. While riding the horse, the views of majestic mountains, lush meadows, rolling hills, and dense forests will be breathtaking. This activity will make your family’s tour more unforgettable.

4. River Rafting

iver rafting in pahalgam

It is one of the most popular adventurous activities among visitors. Anyone who has ever experienced the exhilaration of riding waves of water will never forget it. Taking a trip on deepwater will give you a one-of-a-kind feeling of happiness and dread. Kashmir offers a range of rapids suitable for both beginners and experienced rafters. For beginners, the Lidder River near Pahalgam and the Sindh River near Sonamarg are ideal choices. These rivers provide a relatively gentle and enjoyable rafting experience, allowing newcomers to gain confidence and learn the basics of maneuvering the raft. On the other hand, more experienced rafters can opt for the challenging rapids of the Indus River near Leh. With its fast-flowing water and thrilling drops, the Indus River promises an adrenaline-filled adventure for those seeking a more exhilarating experience.


Is October a good time to visit Kashmir?

The time from March to October is best time to visit Kashmir. During this time the weather remains pleasant to enjoy all the popular destinations of Kashmir valley. You can visit all the famous places of Kashmir as well as the offbeat places, as all the roads are open during these months.

Is Gulmarg worth visiting in October?

Although Gulmarg is a year-round destination, you can plan your visit depending on what you would like to do there. From October to February, winters begin. Skiing and snowboarding options are excellent during this time.

Is there snow in Kashmir in October?

Higher reaches of the Valley witnessed light to moderate snowfall while the plains were lashed by rain.

Is Pahalgam worth visiting in October?

The pleasant climate makes it an ideal period to participate in most of the fun and exciting outdoor activities. Starting from sightseeing to river rafting in the Lidder River, and trekking to pristine lakes to laze around the scenic valley, October is surely the best time to visit Pahalgam with family and friends.

What clothes to wear in Kashmir in October?

When visiting the Kashmir Valley during these months, make sure to pack heavy woolens including cardigans, pullovers, sweaters, trench coats, socks, caps, mufflers, warmers, earmuffs, and gloves. Be sure to carry water-resistant jackets for emergencies.

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