Things To Do In Kashmir In Winter

Winter in Kashmir is a breathtaking spectacle that blankets the region in pristine snow, turning it into a magical wonderland. You can find a myriad of things to do in kashmir in winter, the Paradise on Earth. With the cold winter months at their absolute peak in the month of December, Kashmir becomes all the more beautiful during this time, if not simply mesmerizing. And it is during this month when you get the chance to indulge in a wide range of activities and spend a memorable holiday here. The months from November to February mark the peak of this snowy season, attracting travelers and snow enthusiasts from far and wide. With snow-capped mountains, frozen lakes, and charming villages, Kashmir offers a postcard-perfect setting for winter adventures. From skiing and snowboarding in Gulmarg to serene shikara rides on the frozen Dal Lake in Srinagar, the options for enjoyment are abundant. It’s a time to cozy up in traditional houseboats, savor hot cups of Kahwa, and relish the rich flavors of Kashmiri cuisine. Winter in Kashmir is not just a season; it’s an experience that leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of those who visit.

As the snowflakes gently blanket the stunning landscapes of Kashmir, the region transforms into a winter wonderland that beckons travelers from all corners of the globe. If you’re planning to visit Kashmir in the winter of 2023, you’re in for a treat! Here are the incredible things to do during your winter vacation in this picturesque part of the world.

The views of snow-covered meadows, mesmerizing peaks, thrilling adventure sports, and astonishing frozen lakes can make a person fall in love with this paradise on earth.

Thus, when you plan a trip in winter in Kashmir, this place becomes a land from a fairytale, thus ideal for honeymoon, family vacation as well as solo travelling. Not only this, Kashmir also evolves as a bustling hub for winter sports and activities in the season that indeed adds to the reason why you should plan a holiday here. You can hire a cab from

Here is the list of the Things To Do in Kashmir in Winter:

1. Visit Drung waterfall

drung water fall

In winters, this waterfall is completely frozen. The road leading to this waterfall is covered in snow and in all the surrounding places you will see snow. You will see long thick icicles hanging around in the vicinity and at Drung Waterfall. Visiting Drung Waterfall in winter offers a chance to witness the raw beauty of nature, undisturbed by the crowds that flock to it during the warmer seasons. The icy surroundings and the soothing sound of the waterfall create a mesmerizing ambiance, making it an ideal spot for those seeking a peaceful and offbeat winter escape in the heart of the Himalayas.

A must visit! Drung waterfall is at mesmerizing best in winters, when most of it gets converted to falling ice, with gush of water trying to find its way. A treat to watch and take some really good snaps, on the way to Gulmarg. Its a 5 minutes ride in car from Tangmarg and one can spend good half an hour there.

2. Gulmarg: Skiing And Cable Car Ride

gulmarg cable car

Amongst the most popular things to do in Kashmir in winter is to enjoy gondola rides and soak in views of the valleys of Kashmir. Gulmarg, a jewel in the crown of Kashmir, undergoes a breathtaking transformation during the winter season, offering a paradise for skiing enthusiasts and cable car aficionados. The pristine snow blankets this picturesque meadow, creating a dreamy backdrop for thrilling skiing adventures. Gulmarg’s skiing terrain caters to all levels, from beginners to expert skiers, making it a sought-after destination for winter sports. The real highlight, however, is the Gulmarg Gondola, one of the world’s highest cable cars. This engineering marvel takes visitors to dizzying heights on Mount Apharwat, treating them to awe-inspiring views of snow-clad Himalayan peaks and lush valleys below.

Skiing in Gulmarg: Gulmarg’s ski slopes are renowned for their powdery snow and well-groomed trails. Skiers can carve their way down the mountainside, surrounded by a winter wonderland of pure white. The Gulmarg Ski Resort provides equipment rentals and expert instructors, ensuring that everyone, from novices to seasoned skiers, can enjoy this exhilarating sport. The thrill of descending through snow-covered forests and open meadows is an experience that leaves an indelible mark.

The Gulmarg Gondola Experience: The Gulmarg Gondola takes adventure to new heights. The first phase transports passengers to Kongdoori, where they can savor panoramic views of the snow-kissed landscape. For those craving even more breathtaking vistas, the second phase ascends to Mount Apharwat, reaching an elevation of over 13,000 feet. Here, visitors are treated to unparalleled vistas of the majestic Himalayas, creating a visual feast that’s a photographer’s delight.

3. Dal Lake: Go For A Shikara Ride

dal lake

Dal Lake, the crown jewel of Srinagar, takes on a magical allure during the winter months, inviting travelers to experience its serene beauty from the comfort of a traditional Shikara boat. A Shikara ride in the tranquil waters of the Dal Lake is by far one of the best things to do in Kashmir in winter. As the temperatures drop and the lake freezes over, a Shikara ride becomes a unique and tranquil adventure. Wrapped in warm blankets, visitors can glide gracefully over the glistening frozen waters, surrounded by the snow-covered Himalayan peaks and charming houseboats adorned with icicles. The experience is both peaceful and enchanting, providing a different perspective of Dal Lake’s timeless charm. In winter, Dal Lake’s Shikara rides offer a chance to immerse oneself in the quietude of nature while savoring the mesmerizing beauty of this iconic Kashmiri landscape.

4. Witness the Snow Mountain Valley of Sonamarg


Nestled in the heart of the enchanting Kashmir Valley, Sonamarg, which translates to “Meadow of Gold,” is a captivating destination that truly comes alive in the winter season. This picturesque snow mountain valley is a haven for those seeking pristine landscapes and snow-covered vistas. From November to February, Sonamarg dons a pristine white cloak, making it an ideal playground for winter enthusiasts.

Here, you can embrace the thrill of sledging down gentle slopes, embark on invigorating treks, or simply revel in the tranquility of the snow-clad surroundings. Sonamarg’s ethereal beauty, with its glistening frozen streams and towering Himalayan peaks, offers a postcard-perfect setting for adventurers, photographers, and nature lovers alike. A visit to Sonamarg during the winter months promises an unforgettable rendezvous with the best of snow mountain charm in the heart of Kashmir.

Thajiwas Glacier and Zero Point are the most beautiful of all thus making for popular places to see in Sonamarg. Embrace the beauty the land of golden meadows has its own charm in the fudgy winter. 

5.  Pony Ride at Pahalgam

pahalgam in winter

Another one of the best things to do in Kashmir in winter is to try a pony ride in Pahalgam. Pahalgam, often referred to as the “Valley of Shepherds,” transforms into a serene winter wonderland during the colder months, offering a unique opportunity for travelers to explore its natural beauty through enchanting pony rides. The picturesque town, wrapped in a blanket of pristine snow, becomes an idyllic destination for those seeking a leisurely and scenic winter adventure. Winter pony rides in Pahalgam allow visitors to traverse the snowy landscapes at a gentle pace, taking in the breathtaking vistas of snow-covered meadows, frost-kissed trees, and the mighty Lidder River flowing gracefully beneath a blanket of ice.

It’s a perfect activity for families and those looking to immerse themselves in the serene ambiance of Pahalgam’s winter charm. So, bundle up warmly and embark on a memorable pony ride to experience the tranquil beauty of Pahalgam in its snowy splendor.

Pahalgam is home to a lot of places which are otherwise inaccessible by motorised transport. These places, therefore, are perfect to enjoy pony rides. Besides that, you can also undertake pony rides whilst you trek through the highlands in the valley, that too at extremely pocket friendly prices. 

6. Harissa: Try The Winter Delicacy Of Kashmir


When it comes to spending a few winter days in Kashmir, the options for enjoyment are aplenty, and one highlight that deserves special mention is the delectable Kashmiri cuisine. Delving into a plate of Kashmiri Pulav, sipping on the fragrant Kehwa, relishing the flavors of dum aloo, Yakhni, and savoring the mouthwatering kebabs are culinary experiences not to be missed. However, it’s the illustrious Harissa that truly steals the spotlight. This local Kashmiri delicacy is a must-try for all. The non-vegetarian delicacy that takes almost 12 hours to prepare is a staple diet of Kashmiris in winter. The dish revolves around the exquisite combination of lamb and rice, making it a quintessential winter treat that embodies the heart and soul of Kashmiri cuisine.

7. Snow Camping And Trekking

camping in kashmir

Amongst the most adventurous things to do in Kashmir in winter is to camp in the hills of Kashmir. Kashmir is the aptest place to place to plan a winter camping. With not too many people around, camping always makes for a peaceful retreat amidst nature. And when you think of Trekking in Kashmir there is nothing like this one incredible experience. Mount Nun Kun Camping, Mount Harmukh Camping, and the Trek to Sankaracharya are the most popular of them all.

With dark grey and gloomy conditions around, and weather presenting bone-chilling conditions, camping is one of its kind experience in Kashmir. Living in a tent on a bed of snow is an experience that would invigorate the adventures in you.

Popular Places For Camping In Kashmir:



Manasbal Lake

Aru Valley

Kolahoi Glacier

Tips for Safe Snow Camping and Trekking:

Proper winter gear, including insulated clothing and waterproof boots, is essential.

Ensure you have a knowledgeable guide or join organized treks for safety.

Stay updated on weather conditions and carry necessary supplies.

Be mindful of avalanche-prone areas and follow safety guidelines.

8. Attending Snow Festival

skiing in gulmarg

Snow Festival is one of the top attractions in Kashmir during winters. It is held in Gulmarg in the month of January and is celebrated with full enthusiasm. This is a 3-day festival which includes a number of activities like cycling, skiing, snowboarding, and ice-skating. Snow cycling remains the major attraction on all three days of the festival. Mountain bikers take part in it and the spectators cheer for them. Moreover, the tourism department recently added baseball to the sports list of the festival. Cultural shows can also be enjoyed by the tourists during this lively Snow Festival in Kashmir.

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