Best Time To Visit Saffron Fields In Kashmir

The Saffron Fields Pampore Kashmir

saffron fields pampore

The Best Time to Visit

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Cultural Experiences

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The people of Pampore are very kind and welcoming, and the local specialties are delicious. The Rogan Josh, Yakhni, and Dum Aloo dishes, as well as the saffron-infused tea known as Kashmiri Kahwa, are not to be missed.

Saffron Season In Kashmir

The planting time of the Crocus sativus is between July and October. Summer heat promotes flowering in the autumn, so if you live in an area with a temperate or cool summer, it is wise not to plant the bulbs until late August or early September. Kashmiri saffron is harvested just once a year, from late October till mid November.


A visit to the saffron fields of Pampore is a sensory journey that combines the visual beauty of blooming flowers with the rich cultural heritage of Kashmir. Timing your visit during the blooming season ensures a truly enchanting experience, allowing you to witness the landscape transform into a sea of red-gold hues. As you explore the saffron fields and engage with the local community, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the significance of saffron in this region, making your trip to Kashmir a memorable and culturally enriching adventure.


What is the season of Kesar in Kashmir?

Kashmir’s saffron (Crocus Sativus Kashmirianus), known for its flavour and colour, is harvested just once a year from late October till mid November.

Which place in Kashmir is famous for saffron?

Pampore is a town located approximately 14 km south of Srinagar. It is known for its saffron cultivation and is often referred to as the Saffron Town of Kashmir. Pampore is the main saffron cultivation area in the region.

Why is saffron so expensive?

So, what makes saffron so pricey? To put it plainly, it’s an incredibly labor-intensive crop to harvest. Each saffron flower only produces three threads, so it can take thousands of flowers to get just one ounce of saffron.

What is the Speciality of Kashmir saffron?

Jammu and Kashmir are the second largest saffron producing areas in the world (second to Iran) and the only place the spice is grown in the country. “The red tip of the saffron strand is the costliest, because of its colour intensity, flavour and fragrance.

Which time is best to visit Kashmir?

Best time to visit Kashmir is during the months of March to August. Tourists come to Kashmir valley so they too can witness this ‘heaven on earth’ and enjoy all that it offers. During this period two seasons are covered in Kashmir. Spring (March to early May) and Summer (early May to late August).

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